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Fashion without limits

03 June 2024



Dress your customers whatever their size



At Paris Fashion Shops, our mission is to provide a varied, high-quality range to meet the requirements of every fashion boutique. To achieve this, we have carefully selected three distinguished brands: Amy&Clo, Mily and Arlequinn. These brands, which specialise in sizes from 8 UK to 22 UK, are perfectly suited to customers looking for both comfort and elegance.


Known for their casual chic style, these brands offer rich and varied pieces. This article will guide you through a series of outfit inspirations designed to appeal to customers of all sizes. Our aim is to help you maximise your sales by staying at the cutting edge of fashion.


Find out how to incorporate these collections into your range to captivate and retain your customers, guaranteeing them style and elegance with every purchase.



Our favourite brands


Discover ten leading brands that will dress your customers, whatever their size.

The Lilie Plus and Lilie Rose brands unveil resolutely contemporary printed collections. Mily, Bella Blue, Pépouz' Paris and For Her Paris will seduce your customers with their casual and comfortable collections.


Denim Life stands out with its collections of jeans ranging from 6UK to 20UK. Maëlle and Melya Melody will be appreciated by boutiques looking for flowing garments in colourful floral prints. Looking for comfortable trousers for your boutique? Check out Nina Carter's collections of trousers from 8UK to 22UK. 




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