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Bohemian style: three essentials for your shop

15 March 2024



Bohemian chic: this season's must-haves



At a time when fashion is constantly reinventing itself, bohemian style remains a sure bet for boutiques keen to offer their customers pieces that are both trendy and timeless. Paris Fashion Shops, the marketplace for fashion retailers, invites you to explore a selection of bohemian essentials, perfect for enriching your boutique this spring-summer.

Let yourself be seduced by the handmade charm of crochet pieces, ideal for completing a beach outfit in style. By including crochet garments and accessories in your shop, you're giving your customers the opportunity to make a statement with elegance and style. Highlight the lightness and refinement of broderie anglaise, with its delicately openwork motifs that epitomise femininity and sophistication. Don't forget to complete your collections with long dresses in folk and ethnic prints, a real must-have for bohemian style, promising your customers bold and feminine looks.

With Paris Fashion Shops, add a touch of bohemian chic to your boutique and meet the expectations of your customers looking for something new and authentic.



Our favourite brands



We present must-have brands that stand out for their bohemian collections.

Rosa Fashion Crochet and Feelkoo offer casual crochet collections. Vega's  and Melena Diffusion will win over your customers with its openwork blouses and dresses.


Lumine stands out for its collections made in Italy. Last Queen will be appreciated by boutiques looking for printed dresses.

Noéline offers a wide range of dresses in broderie anglaise and linen. Looking for crochet bags for your boutique? Check out the Vimoda and A&E collections.




How can you adopt a bohemian style in your boutique?


Incorporating the bohemian style into your boutique is an invitation to escape through a selection of elegant and comfortable pieces.

To achieve this, choose clothes made from natural materials such as cotton and linen, which embody the lightness and fluidity characteristic of bohemian style. Key elements such as long dresses, embroidered tops, maxi skirts and handmade accessories in materials such as broderie anglaise or crochet, and with ethnic patterns, are essential. These pieces don't just follow a trend; they tell a story, a story of uninhibited, authentic fashion. Think about the atmosphere of your sales space too: a bohemian setting creates a welcoming environment that reflects the spirit of your collections.

By offering complete outfits, you can guide your customers in creating harmonious looks, while keeping abreast of developments in this trend to regularly renew your offer. Adopting the bohemian style means offering a unique fashion experience, where each selected piece is an invitation to travel.

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Bohemian style: three essentials for your shop

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