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Why wear pink in October and how to wear it?

30 October 2023


Pink as a symbol of support


Pink is worn in October in support of the fight against breast cancer.

It is generally chosen as the symbolic colour for this campaign because of its association with femininity.

It is often seen as a colour that evokes hope and support.


All our advice on how to wear pink perfectly


Did you know that pink wasn't always "the color of femininity"? Originally, pink was the color of men, derived from red, a symbol of power and strength. Pink gradually established itself as the color of little girls and, usually, of women.


In this article, Paris Fashion Shops shares tips on how to wear pink with elegance.


Do your customers love pink but worry about wearing it wrong?

Our stylist recommends combining it with trendy fabrics to create a stylish contrast.

Combining shades of pink with elegance



Are your customers fans of pink?


Don't hesitate to create looks by mixing shades of pink. There are a multitude of shades, from fuchsia pink to powder pink, not forgetting barbie pink, which has been very trendy in recent weeks. 


Paris Fashion Shops inspires you with this casual, modern outfit.

Find all the silhouette's references below :





Our favorite:


The fuchsia blazer dress from Attentif


A subtle touch of pink



Are your customers rather shy of pink?


Suggest a gentle start with a touch of pink. Pink is ideal for highlighting a piece, brightening up a look, highlighting a detail or adding a quirky touch to a serious look.


Our stylist Anne-Sophie recommends adding a touch of pink to an accessory such as a scarf, hat, color block sneakers, bag or manicure. This touch of color will brighten up your customers' outfits.



Look :


Our favorite:


The pair of sneakers from Lov'it

Winning colour combinations with pink



If your clientele's style is more classic, combine pink with shades such as grey, taupe, burgundy, navy blue, camel, khaki or creamy white.


Choose soft shades of pink such as parma, old rose, pastel, mottled pink or blush. Navy blue contrasts elegantly with raspberry pink, especially on natural materials such as wool, linen, silk or quality cotton.


If your clientele's style is trendy, dare to combine pink with color block.


Here are some suggested combinations : mix pink with lemon, mustard or pastel yellow, green (aniseed, mint, grass),orange, purple and even red. Contrary to what you might think, pink and red work very well together, creating a captivating color harmony.






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